Parenting and Child Guidance

Parenting and Child GuidanceI am an attachment-parenting and homeschooling-friendly therapist. What this means is that I do not have biases against these lifestyle choices, and I will not assume that attachment parenting or homeschooling is the cause of the problem you are bringing to therapy. You will not have to spend time explaining or defending these choices to me.

Parents who adopt an Attachment-Parenting style engage in practices that include breastfeeding on demand during infancy, breastfeeding into toddlerhood, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and avoiding the “cry-it-out” method. There are many right ways to parent children, and you do not have to adopt these practices to be my client.

Homeschooling families come in all shapes and sizes: families who practice school-at-home, unschoolers, families who homeschool for religious reasons, some who believe their child’s needs weren’t being met in a school setting. All of these kinds of families are welcome in my practice.

My approach is to begin by completing a thorough assessment, understanding as much about the problem as possible. If the problem involves a child, I start by coaching the parents on how to address the problem with their child. After all, you already have a relationship with your child and spend most of your time with him or her. If necessary, we can also have family therapy sessions, sessions with the child, or sessions with the child and parent(s) together.

Family and child problems that are appropriate for my practice include:

Depression and/or Anxiety in parent or child
Transitioning to Parenting two or more children
Sleep Issues
“Feisty” Toddlers
Parenting “Spirited” Children
Children who are “Explosive” or Chronically Inflexible
Families Impacted by Substance Abuse
Interrupting Generational Patterns of Childhood Abuse